Advanced Cell Tower Rescue

Elevated Safety, in cooperation with Com-Tech Services, Inc. and NIPSTA, offers this one-day course on Advanced Cell Tower Rescue. The program provides technical rescue personnel with the knowledge and tools necessary to safely provide for a victim in a communications tower environment.

Advanced Cell Tower Rescue instruction will take place at a cell tower location and covers the following topics:

  • Hands-on tower-climbing techniques and equipment
  • RF hazard awareness, monitoring, and mitigation
  • Industry best practices, including the latest equipment and techniques from the work and rescue industries

Program prerequisites::

  • State Certification: Rope Rescue – Operations Level
  • Course Completion: NIPSTA Basic Cell Tower Rescue

Note: Program participants must also provide their own TRT helmet and class 3 harness.

Please view the training calendar, call or email for more information on upcoming Basic Cell Tower Rescue training.